Published author/journalist/poet.

My work has appeared in the Courier News/Chicago Tribune, the college literary magazine, The Spire, The Orange County Register, and Writer's Digest. I have published two books, available on Amazon.

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Under Different Suns: Stories from the Multiverse

My collection of short stories, now available as a Kindle book, soon to be available as a paperback. Fifteen smart, literary stories, some from our world and some from alternate worlds where the "rules" don't apply.

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The Phantom Tollbooth

Marc Cohn Interview

Cohn's ongoing musical endeavors are a testament to the healing, liberating powers of music, and they are a gift to those that take the time to listen closely.

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Writer's Digest

Writer's Digest Essay Contest Winner: "Taming the Ego Within"

I'm not saying, "Dispense with dreams." Never. Just begin with modest goals.

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Rob Bell Saved Me From Hell: My Road to Universalism

A memoir chronicling my evolution from rigid Fundamentalism to expansive Universalism. Kindle Book available now.

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Writer's Digest

Kirk's Final Entry

Here it is Star Date one billion point nine ...

Captain Kirk limerick gets honorable mention in WD contest.

(Oh so long ago. My first publication in a magazine with serious distribution.)

Elgin courier article
Chicago Tribune

McDermott Brings a Poet's Heart to Clearwater

What do you do if you’re only twenty when the gates to a glittering utopia of self-indulgence open up before you? You probably swagger in, all smiles, fearless and cocky as an undefeated boxer.

That’s what singer/songwriter Michael McDermott did in 1991 when his future in the music world was looking like a shiny promise just on the horizon. His debut album, "620 W. Surf," was getting positive reviews and the single “A Wall I Must Climb” was spinning him a reputation as having the potential to be the next Springsteen or Dylan.

This i believe article

"Keeping Invisible Friends" by Jim Wormington

Don’t misunderstand me–I’m a big fan of reason. I want it to guide my surgeon’s scalpel and my mechanic’s socket wrench. Reason keeps me on the right side of the road and gets me to the concert on time. It helps me balance my checkbook.

What it doesn’t do is give me a reason. For anything...

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Chicago Tribune

Johnny Winter Concert Review

A Winter Tale of Hot Blues at the Clearwater

Chicago Tribune

Elgin courier article
Chicago Tribune

Johnny Winter is Alive and Well and Coming to Clearwater

Interview with legendary blues guitarist, the late great Johnny Winter.

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Courier News

"Where Souls Drink" -- Contest Runner Up in Orange County Register

This is my miracle. I can't prove it to you. But I promise, it's true.

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The Phantom Tollbooth

Lucy Kaplansky Interview: One True Word

Lucy Kaplansky straps on her acoustic guitar and you can tell that, for her, it’s like slipping on some extraordinarily comfortable garment. Maybe it’s even more like she’s grasping a sacred artifact--a divining rod of sorts...

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Chicago Tribune

This American Gripe: Has our Government Become too Intrusive?

What we really need are some combat drones to patrol our neighborhoods so we can put an end to those filthy, appalling jaywalkers. Hell, let’s just nuke ’em. They don’t deserve to live. (Article originally published in the Courier News, a subsidiary of the Chicago Tribune)

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The Phantom Tollbooth

Albert Cummings - No Regrets - CD Review

The drums crack, a gutsy guitar riff grabs you, and before you know it your head’s bobbing and your toes are tapping to the catchy grooves of “Glass House,” the first track on Albert Cummings’ latest CD No Regrets. Probably my favorite song on the disc, it’s an irresistible blues-rock entrée that will prep your music-loving palate for all that follows...

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The Phantom Tollbooth

Porcupine Tree Live: Park West, Chicago, IL

Fusion is an apt word when considering Porcupine Tree. Their dramatic, often lengthy, compositions are both unique and a loving tribute to the sounds of many bands that have come before them: Pink Floyd (most notably), Yes, Rush, Moody Blues and Dream Theater (to name a few)...